The Big Forest House

Construction details

The property is around 800 m2 with Neto usable space of 303 m2.

All houses are built from concrete and stone, the walls are with thickness of 50 cm, and that gives temperature isolation and stability. The stones were collected from the fields and the near forest. All doors, and windows made of metal with glass windows, and the inner doors are wooden. The ceiling is covered with wooden tiles, and the room floor is covered with laminate. All rooms have installation for satellite TV.

The roofs are made traditionally with wooden construction and red roof tiles, the chimney is made from traditional red brick. Every house in the property has a lightning conductor from the roof to the ground.

The property has electricity from the public electricity supplier and all the lightning effects in the garden including the lights in the house can be managed from 1 spot.

In the center of the property, there is a place equipped with pipes from the well and it can be transformed in a beautiful fountain that will give another dimension of the yard and the property itself.

The Big Forest House has technical water that comes from 2 wells this one on the image has water on 16 meters depth, and the other on 54m depth.

The big oven in the yard can be used to prepare a large amount of traditional food, and for sure it is a big plus in the property portfolio.

What is specific and very good for this property is that the toilets for guests (man and woman) and the toilet for the house staff are separated in the oposite corner from the rooms, fully equipped and ready to be used.

The wastewater is collected in 2 large septic tankс under the toilets.