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P’klishte as part of Municipality of Rankovce

The territory of the Municipality of Rankovce is located in the northeastern part of the Republic of Macedonia.
It covers the area of ​​Slavishko Pole, which belongs to the glorious area of ​​Kriva Reka.

It belongs to the group of medium-sized municipalities and it borders with the municipalities of Kriva Palanka, Kratovo, Klechevce, Staro Nagorichane and in the north with the municipality of Targovishte – Republic of Serbia.

The municipality of Rankovce has a significant geostrategic position because it borders the Republic of Serbia to the north and indirectly only 30 km through the Municipality of Kriva Palanka bordering the Republic of Bulgaria. It crosses the important road that connects the southern part of the Balkans with Istanbul and Asia Minor today known as the east-west corridor.

It is connected to the main road to the southwest with Kumanovo (50km) and Skopje (80km), to the east with Kriva Palanka (20km) and to the northeast through the border crossing Deve Bair with Kyustendil (60km) the Republic of Bulgaria and to the south with Kratovo (25 km) from here it can be concluded that its communication position is satisfactory.

The municipality of Rankovce is a natural, geographical and economic unit of 18 settlements, of which 3 are flat, 9 are of a hilly type and 6 are mountainous, covers an area of ​​242.55 km2. The seat of the Municipal Center is located in Rankovce and belongs to the group of medium municipalities.

Rankovce is located in the middle part of Slavishko Field, on the right side of Kriva River on the national road leading to Deve Bair-Bulgaria and is the center and headquarters of the municipality.

The village consists of an urban part that is concentrated in the immediate vicinity of the main road and neighborhood neighborhoods in the distant part.

According to the data from the last census, 1129 inhabitants live in the village, of which 57 are Roma, 2 Serbs, 5 are in other ethnic groups, while all the rest are Macedonians.

In terms of religious affiliation, except for Orthodox Christians, there are 18 residents of the Muslim religion and 1 member of the group of other religions.

The village has mostly agricultural function.

Most of the population is engaged in the cultivation of cereal and horticultural crops, and most of the most commonly used are pigs and poultry, mostly for individual needs.

From the commercial buildings in the village, there is a mall “Slavic mill”, apparel “Karpos” and TP. “Slavish Field”.

From the objects of social and public standards, there is a CH.U. “Hristijan Todorovski Karposh”, Ambulance, Veterinary Station, Police Station, Post Office and Municipal office based in the municipal building, and at the stage is the establishment of a Public Utility Company and Fire Protection Unit.

There are many catering facilities in the village.

In the area of ​​infrastructure, there are incompletely asphalted roads in the urbanized part, with water the population is supplied from the water supply that has recently been reconstructed and now meets the needs of the population, and the issue with the sewerage network in the urban part of the village is completely resolved.

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