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The forest around the house is home of wild forest animals

The animal world in Macedonia is diverse with various species of wild and mushy animals. Some of them are very rear or extinction, but also lots of them are protected in national parks protected by law. Big Forest House is in the Nort East region of North Macedonia and is not in a protected area or national park.

Wild animals have mainly representatives of the Mediterranean and Central European fauna. On the Central European, the representatives are: bear, wolf, red fox, rice, wild boar, rabbit, otter, squirrel, kuna, badger, etc. From birds: eagle, hawk, chips, partridges, dove, etc. From the reptiles: the turtle, various types of lizards and snakes, and from aquatic animals, carp, catfish, redhead, etc. In the marshes, there are various types of marsh birds, such as wild goose, heron, pelican, etc.

If you follow your instinct you can see some of these wild animals in the mountains around the house, or if you are a hunter you can always join the hunting society and share your hunting stories with the local hunters and together plan your next hunting season.


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