The Big Forest House

The property was building 10 years

The idea to build a property in the untouched nature in the north east region of North Macedonia came 10 years ago. That was a period when this property was the first house in that region, with no electricity and water near by.

The original idea was to build a house for the family where we can spend time together, breathing filtered air from the black pine forest, eating fresh forest fruits, preparing mushrooms specialties enjoining the smell of the herbs around us, watching the rabbits and wold deer passing by and picking energy from the mountains that you can see in the distance  from the yard.

Local village man that was living in the villages near were working on the property in nonstandard conditions. The rocky area was the great “mine” for the heavy stones that were hand-picked and transported on the back of several donkeys. The water was transported in big canisters that have been filled from the nearest wells. There was no electricity to this point, and power aggregates were used in the process of building the property.

The building season was from May to September when the sun was strong enough to help the process of fast connection of the rocks and concrete.

During the years of building, the idea has developed, and it become a business idea. Why not having more rooms, more houses, why not have professional kitchen, why not this property to be a short period home of the mountain lovers, of the sports mans, home of a wild boar hunters, or fishermеn.

Now, after 10 years the final look of the property is giving more ideas of property usage.
Ideas can be found on this link.