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Welcome to village of P’klishte

the home of the Big Forest House

P’klishte village is located in the far northwestern part of the Rankovce municipality. The territory of the village extends to the municipality of Staro Nagorichane and the borderline with the neighboring Republic of Serbia.

It is located at an altitude of 1150 to 1250 meters, with houses of scattered type and it is about 14 km away or 15 minutes of driving on the asphalted road from the municipal center.

The settlement originates from the late antique time seen from the sites Seliste and Gradas. The number of people in this village has always been small, and today it is on the threshold of total eviction, that is, in the village according to the last census only 30 inhabitants live.

All of them are Macedonians, and by faith are Orthodox Christians. The village has mostly field forestry function, mostly potatoes and cereals are grown, and mainly sheep and cattle are grown from livestock. In the village, there are no objects of social and economic standards.

Previously there was no water supply network, and the population of drinking water is supplied from natural sources and fountains. But not today, when the village has been transformed into a tourist settlement in the last period, with an urban plan adopted by the municipality and the procedure for selling cottages for construction of holiday homes has been initiated. The plan covers an area of eight hectares.

Welcome to P’klishte the home of the Big Forest House
A view on the old rare houses in the village of P’klishte
Fantastic view from the highest point opposite of the Big Forest House

The untouched forest is next to the Big Forest House

Monument from the Second World War in P’klishte is opposite of the Big Forest House

Forest fruits are all over the village, even next to the Big Forest House 

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