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You will never be hungry with the clean traditional food that this area offers

The food spirit of northeast Macedonia

Every region has its own special cuisine
– its own unique cooking styles,
ingredients and dishes that reflect
the local climate, geography, culture, and history.
And all these dishes and variations on dishes
– from Spanish paella and Italian lasagne
to Russian piroshki and Japanese sushi
– form a rich, diverse (and delicious!) cultural heritage.
This short cookbook sets out to further enrich this heritage,
capturing the distinctive tastes of north-eastern Macedonia,
including the regions of Lipkovo and Kumanovo, Osogovo,

Kriva Palanka, Kratovo, Rankovce and Kumanovo.
The traditional recipes that feature in these pages
have been perfected over centuries by generations
of households making the most of local ingredients.
These ingredients, in turn, are the products
of diverse influences, including the moderate
continental climate and mountainous geography
of the region, as well as the historical and
religious traditions of the local population.
We hope you will enjoy discovering
the Mediterranean and Oriental tastes
of north-east of Macedonia,
especially the many hot pastries
that are among the most loved
specialties of this region.

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